How to Build Java Applications Today?

I read all the Java newsletters, so you don’t have to! And it’s “Java news with a smile”.

I've been a Java developer for 22 years and have done it all — project & account management, requirements, development, testing, support, processes, tools. I know what it takes to run a Java project these days.

In 2018 I discovered JHipster and Docker:

  • JHipster is the #1 Java application generator. It is like having a superstar developer on your team who writes all the “plumbing code” and picks the best libraries.

  • Docker revolutionizes software distribution with containers. It is like having your own set of “Linux servers in software” for your program, the database, and whatever else you need.

So I started a website to tell the world about it:

I spent a lot of time creating JHipster tutorials. But then I stopped writing at the end of 2019. Why?

After my move to Milton Keynes in July of 2019, I got busy with lots of different projects. I also got active in the London Java Community.

But I’ll get going again in September 2020 — with two big changes:

  • I'll focus on what you need to build a Java application today. Think of a big table with all project areas, with all the technologies & tools you need for every one of them. I’ll give you my recommendations and why I picked something, alternative solutions, and links to tutorials.

  • A Java application often needs a mobile app today. There’s a great way to build native mobile apps, and I can’t wait to share it with you. So stay tuned!

With that changed focus comes a different newsletter. I switched from Mailchimp to Substack because it’s specifically built for a newsletter like this.

So yes, the world does need another Java newsletter — this one.