How To Build a Java Application Today: Sep 1, 2020

Playing catch-up on JHipster releases, my LJC talk about learning by coding with Jhipster


This is the first issue of my weekly newsletter “How To Build a Java Application Today”. My newsletter complements my site

I’m still playing catch-up before I’ll overhaul the site, starting in the middle of September. I’ll focus the site on which technologies & tools to use for building a Java application today.

JHipster 6.6.0 - 6.10.1: Catching Up

It‘s been a while since I documented JHipster releases. But now it‘s time to document releases 6.6.0 through 6.10.1 which include Spring Boot 2.2 and Angular 9 & 10.

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I Gave an LJC Talk About Learning by Coding With Jhipster

On August 25, 2020, I gave a 60-minute talk to the London Java Community (LJC): "Learning by Coding: Better Java Projects Faster With Jhipster". I discussed how JHipster gets you Java projects faster if you can learn from running code. My talk included two live demos.

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